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We woke up on Monday in intense sunburn pain. The worst part about sunburns is that they’re always in places that don’t matter- back, kneecaps, shoulders, toes… why can’t my face and arms be the ones with the (now) glowing tan? :) Irony. Either way, we quickly agreed that we needed to stay “undercover” all day. The Road to Hana was something I’d heard super positive, and super negative reviews- but it was a Maui-only thing to do, so we decided this was the perfect activity! After popping a couple Dramamine, we were off!
 Started off in good spirits... 
To make a long story short: this was the most awful elective experience we could have had on any vacation! It was 10mph (max), it looked like we were on a green treadmill (the first 3 miles were pretty… but this got old after another 40). There must have been 30+ one-lane bridges. There was nowhere to pull off and park. The waterfalls were all 1-4 mile hikes off the main road. All the guidebooks said break-ins were very common so I was paranoid to leave anything in the car when we did get out. The “famous” banana bread was 2” x 3”, expensive, and not so great. We were nearly hit head-on by a stupid local. The road was under construction. All the pictures we’d seen of the Road were aerial- but from our narrow road, all we saw was greenery and black pavement. We did stop at the “Black Sand Beach” which was really just big black rocks and rough waters. As we searched for Oprah’s house we must have missed the mile marker sign leading us to the “Seven Sacred Pools-" the one place I did want to stop… I flipped out that we’d wasted hours… 7.5 total to be exact… so we went back to Lahaina. We pulled into the hotel with our eyes barely open! exhausted and super queasy, the rest of the day was pretty lame. I’m glad we went so we can no spread the word that the experience is NOT worth an entire day in Maui! Many people suggested staying in “Heavenly Hana” overnight… no thanks. Oh, and it rained most of the drive, so that nice convertible top had to stay up. Not that it could go down in the sun because we were too burned:)

That was long after all. I do feel better ranting though.
Hana? Not recommended. But that's just me. Or... us:)
Now, for our last day in Maui...
We headed straight to the Gazebo- once again, we heard that this was one of the best breakfast spots! It was our only our 2nd breakfast out, so we were veery excited!
We showed up when they opened, but we still waited about 45 minutes...
We whale watched while waiting! :)
 I ordered macadamia nut pancakes & Mikey ordered a traditional breakfast plate w/ rice instead of home fries. Different & really yummy.
So. Full.
Good thing we went early! The line was over an hour long when we left...
We played in the water until it was time to check-out, & then we spent time exploring the hidden hotel spots. The hotel is built on Black Rock, so we went around the backside & hiked up to find THIS! So pretty. Why didn't we look here sooner? Shame, shame.
I'd just like to point out that somehow Mike captured a butterfly in the above photo.
This was the view towards our room, from the other side of the resort.
I'm pretty sure this was paradise? Yes.
We flew back to Oahu, stayed overnight near the airport, & flew home on Wednesday.
Travel took all day, and we got home after our Elle was sleeping peacefully.
Thank you a million times to my parents for taking such wonderful care of our sweet girl. She had a GREAT time while we were away- much more fun for her & us than she would have had in Hawaii at this age.
Thanks, too, for my sweetie for being such a great travel buddy. We had such a wonderful "couples retreat!"
Until next time... whenever that may be:)



  1. I have to say- I am so glad you took the time to write this all out! Not only was it fun to read {I've thought for a long time now that you need to blog professionally! You have the personality! You can do it!} but it was so helpful! We're going to Maui in July...so I am going to add a few things and cross a few things off the list, lol. You guys are a fun couple, and I'm glad you had a great vacation! :)

  2. It looks SO beautiful! I really want to go to Hawaii someday...and when I do I know exactly who I am going to get in touch with!!! :)

  3. It's so funny that you didn't like that drive. We did it just last month and loved it. Maybe it was because we were on a Harley and not in a car, but still, we really enjoyed it. I am sorry you guys hated it! I am glad you guys had fun and that you were able to go sans kids!

  4. oh heavens i have major trip envy. MAJOR! you are darling. so glad to have found you!

  5. abby has left a new comment on your post "hawaii finale...":

    oh heavens i have major trip envy. MAJOR! you are darling. so glad to have found you!


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