my march madness.

above: a somewhat rare, happy moment in the car;
meeting daddy for lunch at bruges waffles & frites downtown. yum!

these are some of my favorite weeks of work- but most definitely, my busiest of the year.
this year? she's battling... being almost 18 months.
elle has been s.t.r.u.g.g.g.g.g.g.g.l.i.n.g. at night these last few weeks.
i'm having flashbacks of when she was a newborn.
i cry in bed and think,
'why!?! why won't my kid sleep at night like those other kids!? 
why does my kid hate riding in the car!?
why does my kid hate her stroller!?
why does my kid have to  be sooo difficult!?...'
then i realize who's kid she is...
she's mine.
we're somewhat of a strange brood.
& i love her.
yesterday after coming off of 4 total hours sleep (the petersens were all awake from 2:45am on), i tried to nap.
it would have been my 3rd nap in over 10 years.
yes, 3.
i never learned how to nap, & frankly, i have no idea what to think when i close my eyes!
i just laid there and had some sleep-deprived alone-time where i over-dramatized life like usual.
oh, amanda.
multi-baby-moms- i don't know how you do it!
of course i imagine us with more kids one day, but for now?
i'm perfectly pleased with my one adorable, finicky, lovely little lady who is getting bigger & bigger by the instance.
time is going by. so quickly, it's nearly maddening.
 here she is yesterday. a little lethargic, can you tell? :)
we painted nails.
then she laid down on the floor and watched 'tinkerbell' for the 9th time since 4am. she also ate an entire carton of strawberries (that's normal).
over the weekend, we played.
played & ate & danced & shopped.
elle cleaned the floors at home depot. she's just so generous.
i'm a lucky lady.
i need to remember that.


  1. I love your honestly. I feel the same way with Luke. I wonder if she is teething? Its the worst, and Luke doesn't sleep through that time. Luke hates his stroller too. He hates things that I feel he should love, and then I get frustrated.

    But then I have to take a step back and remember what you did... that I'm a lucky lady! We have beautiful babe that love us. We are both learning who we are. Ahh, it is just so crazy that our Heavenly Father trusts us with this remarkable role. You are an awesome mom! Keep up the good work. You know deep inside you wouldn't want Elle any other way.

    Ok, I'm done now & I officially know that was my longest blog comment ever. (breath) :)


  2. Cute post! You are just so darn clever with your wording and I absolutely love reading your blog! Elle is absolutely adorable!

  3. she is a darling little girl and you are a darling mommy. miss you guys!

  4. Ah, it's so frustrating isn't it?! Mine falls asleep ok, but has a wicked-weak gag reflex and wakes herself up with a cough that turns into full blown projectile vomiting at least twice a month... but I sure do love her! :)

  5. oh, thank you, all! you're so sweet.

    keisha- you're so right!

    jo- we miss you, too! are you coming back anytime soon for a visit?

    angie- i'll take this stuff anyday over a weak gag reflex! how wretched:) i. can't. handle. vomit! haha

  6. See? Don't you feel better now? :) :)

  7. Well just remember all those other kids DON'T always sleep, but the other moms don't tell you because they're afraid you'll never procreate. It's an unwritten mom rule. ;) My kids didn't sleep till AT LEAST 2 years old (not trying to scare you! Just letting you know you're not alone) but they get older and grow up and before long they won't want Mommy & Daddy anymore and we'll long for those sleepless nights with a baby in the next room. Too soon they'll be off at college or in homes with their own families and the house will be TOO quiet. But I know that sounds appealing right now. ;p

  8. She's so cute Amanda, i just love it! Look at all the fun stuff i have to look forward to...no sleep, etc. :)


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