my undying love for mikey... & tiffany blue

Seriously? Seriously. HOW CUTE is my husband? Is the post below not the sweetest thing ever? He's hilarious.

My birthday turned out to be SO much fun- a really great day, but super crazy. Work was nuts, but we did have a Christmas social and devotional w/ Elder Christofferson- a fun way to celebrate one's birthday, I must admit. I love my birthday at the beginning of December- it's perfect timing (other than being smack-dab in the middle of cold and flu season. Ick.)! ANYWAY, I stopped 5 minutes leaving work for the day, to check my email, and lo and behold... nearly burst into tears! MIKE IS ADORABLE! i love him:) so proud! love love love love love love love. i could go on and on...

We left straight from work & went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner! Mmm. The evening ended w/ us going to see "The Forgotten Carols," which seems to be a tradition now? This is our third year, and I love it! Now, the fun part in the middle...

Mike has been babbling about my birthday present for weeks. He asked the girls at work for their opinion once he found something he liked... and they apparently were 100% in favor (duh)! I tore through the packaging at dinner, and about died when I saw the blue. You know the blue. Tiffany's robin egg blue. He was so excited to have found this lovely lady as their "sale item of the week..." or something like that.

I'm more than elated. I love Mikey!! I love my new bracelet!!
**Love you, babe!! MUA!


  1. That bracelet is beautiful. What a sweet husband you have. You guys are so cute together. A match made in heaven!

  2. holy cow amanda you look GORGEOUS!!!! I'm glad you had such a good birthday!!!!

  3. Such a pretty bracelet! Way to go Mike!

  4. You do look gorgeous - it's very true!! :) I'm glad that you had such a wonderful birthday!! You deserve it!!

  5. Happy Birthday! Hey, we accidently misplaced your email address, could you send it to us again at spenska21@hotmail? P.S. Did Mike buy you breakfast at Tiffany's? wink wink

  6. lucky amanda way to go mike!! sounds like you had an awesome bday!!!

  7. Mike is lucky to have you Amanda and vice versa. You two are an amazing couple! And you throw sweet parties too. We had fun dressing up in our ugly hot, stinky, sweaters, and making collapsable grahm cracker houses.


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