breakfast at tiffany's!

the blue box cafe opened inside of the flagship tiffany store on 5th avenue not too long ago. it's by reservation only, and said reservations are hard to get. i tried everyday for weeks- they sell out in seconds. i finally snagged a 3:15pm slot a month ago (tips to getting a reservation that worked for me: make sure you're logged in and your cc info is saved and ready to GO; pick your time [i chose a later, random, slot hoping that would help]; the second the clock hits 9:00am EST, checkout immediately! no thinking- just do it!). 

i was so excited to have a date, just me & elle. i told her we had a date, but didn't tell her what we were doing- i left the specifics a surprise until we rounded the corner on 5th avenue & saw the tiffany store...
we walked around the store while we waited for our reservation time. made boomerangs. looked at $400 baby combs, paperweights, & this art made of screws...
i loved that we could each choose between breakfast, lunch, or tea. we both chose breakfast 1) because, well, carbs; 2) i wanted to say we had "breakfast at tiffany's;" 3) elle was sold at "nutella." our waitress brought elle an extra serving of nutella. or three;) 

elle picked their most adventurous herbal tea, i got orange juice like a toddler, and we both ate every bite, including the flowers. which we assumed were edible.
seeing how small the cafe was, it made a little more sense why reservations were so hard to land, and it led me to assume it'll expand beyond that little 4th floor corner one day. 

it was amazing. ambiance, food, service... all of it. such a wonderful little experience! we were the only people around who spoke english- i loved seeing all the cultures come together for a tiffany experience. in line in the bathroom a lady turned around and said, "well, you two must be new yorkers. you just look different than the rest of us." i never know what that means:) aaaanyway, breakfast at tiffany's was a total highlight of my year. huge check off the bucket list. and a 100% recommendation to others.

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