merry christmas from the petersens! (2017)

 it's the most wonderful time of the year!!! 

christmas card season!

mike can tell you (eye rolls included) that i live for christmas cards. i adore getting them. hanging them. i love sending them. there's something so traditional and special about the finished product- notice i said finished product, because i feel like the process can be arduous at best. getting the photos (either taken or organized), then the addressing, stuffing, and mailing of cards can be trickier some years than others. this year i wanted to continue the concept of do it simply. last year, our christmas was simple. plain. it was calm. it was focused. it was perfect! this year, i feel like most everything is bouncing off me as i try and get done everything i need to do. i've been working full-time in addition to dealing with a sweet angel baby who has had constant colds, and hasn't slept more than a single straight hour in months. it's been a lot. hallelujah, our cards came together in less than 5 minutes thanks to shutterfly. it's our 3rd christmas working with the shutterfly/tiny prints team, and it's always such an easy one! 
 jude played on the floor next to me as i stamped and stuffed and licked and addressed...
 harvey joined in on the fun for a bit because eating paper is quickly becoming a highlight of his days.

if you're on the fence about sending cards, just do it. it's always worth it i swear! it's also such a treat to me to get cards from families i love with the photos i took of them throughout this season of family. that being said send cards even if you don't have family photos! the focus is on the process and story more than the picture. at least that's my theory;)

sending the happiest christmas wishes to those we love this holiday season. 
and thanks to shutterfly for helping to make my life simpler, and our holidays merrier!


  1. YAY! I can't wait to get mine in the mail! (Assuming I was at the top of your list, right?!)
    And here's an idea. How about....next year, I finally make a vacation plan to NYC, and you can take pictures of my little growing family, and I'll use them for my Christmas card??!! YES! I need to make that happen. :) :)
    You're adorable.

  2. DEAL! I would love to!!! Come viiisiiiiit!


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