THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SUNLIGHT! (and mari's birthday in brooklyn...)

mari is my best girlfriend in the city. i ADORE her. for her birthday, we wanted to re-create this walk across the brooklyn bridge from last fall. actually, you may remember mari's epic birthday bus last year (THIS!!); well, we combined the two memories;) 

the forecast was about as ominous as it gets: 100% change of thunderstorms. nonstop. all day. and night. we almost cancelled, but instead, i invested in some KILLER neon pink ponchos, and we headed out just before dinnertime. ready to be soaked. 

as is often the case, weather is as dependable as the lottery, and we emerged from the subway with the craziest orange glow- no rain. NONE. no people either. we walked toward the promenade, and had this part of brooklyn (which is usually packed), all to ourselves...
oh, first! the ride. we were too busy gabbing and totally got on the wrong train. #ametures
we did get the car to ourselves, with the exception of the poor businessman who we begged to take our photos. he hated us. we're not quiet.
look at manahttan! that skyline in the clouds!!!!

julie met us at juliana's (WHERE THERE WAS NOOO WAAAAIT!!!!), as did jenn p. a little while later. 

oh, wait, first, we played on the dock and took about 1,000 pictures.

oh, and mari lost her b-day balloons. 
bye, balloons!!

then we jumped a lot...
this. light. tho.
we ate 2 pizzas and salads, then wanted more. so we ordered a third pizza. naturally.
when we were stuffed beyond measure, we headed across the bridge. it was virtually empty. it started to drizzle, but just a little.

we walked & talked. 
talked a lot about goodbyes. two of these incredible girls are leaving the city all too soon, and my heart can't stand it. last year when i did this walk with girlfriends it was the day my grandpa passed away, and i remember it being such a surreal walk as i processed our journey in life.

this night felt strangely similar.
the cars and the glow and the fog- this city is something that is purely magical. if you haven't heard me say that about a million times already. 

so thankful for every moment i get under these sparkley lights.
the only downside of the night? no need for pink ponchos. 
womp womp.

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