the 2017 macy's thanksgiving day parade!

just before 5am when harvey was on his 19th feed of the night (at least that's what it felt like- in reality it was, like, #7), i was doing my IG scroll and saw that my friend naomi & a few other girlfriends were already stationed along the parade route! we had NO intentions of going- last year we had success just walking over to the park and watching from above, but when i commented that her seats looked amazing (they should- poor girl! it was 4am!), she didn't have to prod too much in our little conversation before i decided to poke my kids and ask them if they wanted to experience the real-deal parade. jude was already awake, and elle was halfway awake. mike... well, mike's NOT a morning person, and he's definitely NOT a parade or a cold OR a holidays person, so he snapped, "NOT GOING. you're ruining my dance party with kelly clarkson." (that man has killer dreams.) well... long story short, i ran out the door 20 minutes later, and found myself in the 32 degree darkness with friends and a whooooole lot of strangers, waiting for the fun to begin! 

mike & the kids joined around 7:45.

i also managed to get ONE (forced) smile from mike:
i need to get one of those views along central park west. apparently the celebs were viewing above our heads, hanging out the windows. drinking warm drinks in their pj's. #thelife
elle & the davis kids partied it up as the parade got underway (thanks to naomi for this picture). they handled the cold and waiting SO much better than i thought they would!
ugh, the worst part- i know i'm a total jerk for saying this- but i CANNOT STAND when people are all, 'hey, i know you've been here for, like, hours, but my kid is cold and can't see, so we're going to just shove on in front of you!' it made me so mad! kids who just barged in at the start of the parade smushed my kids out of the way and got their dirty feet and food and crap all over our stuff!! back off, batman!!!! this is my nook!

harvey just slept and watched and ate.
the day before thanksgiving i had FIVE photo shoots (mental note: way too much for one day), so i spent every second i wasn't cooking/baking editing photos. madness. thankfully, we have the sweetest friends who hosted thanksgiving (AND we ordered in for the main dishes! brilliant)- that meant i only had to make a few key items: stuffing, bean dip, and cranberry cake. sweet!

thanks to becca for hosting, and for these pictures!!

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