elle's 8th birthday!

elle's birthday fell on the sunday of general conference this year- sunday birthdays are always slightly tricky, but for some reason this year, there weren't any complaints. saturday we went to chipotle for dinner, per her request. we got dunkin donuts in preparation for breakfast sunday, and i made at least a handful of homemade treats none of us needed, which we all consumed until we were sick.

the kids fought like crazy people all weekend, but the weather was perfect and (FINALLY) cool- 68 and sunny. we walked around a lot. the kids ran a 1/2 mile race with friends in central park saturday between sessions, and sunday we had a picnic with a couple friends to celebrate her big day.

elle woke up feeling like a million bucks because, well, her dad always saves the day with decor.
(her dad & moi were like corpses, however, because 4 month sleep regression is NO JOKE, and harvey has been up every 2 hours every night for weeks now. and we're dying slow deaths...)
mid-afternoon we headed to turtle pond- this is where we had her party last year (when it fell on conference saturday;) - more from that fun day here, including family pics in the same spot!
now, a whole lot of really similar pictures because, well, #harveysface!!!!!!
wait for it- THIS ONE!!!!!
sorry, redundant, but too good.

ok, more, including elle with an olive:
...and elle looking like a witch? kid clothes. i don't know.
cream puffs and more family pictures, aka, wraaaaangling...
about a week after elle's party last year, we found out we were pregnant. now we have a harvey.

elle taught her little bud, scout, all she knew about disposable cameras. it was a really, really great time together. 

now, someone pinch me, cause my baby is EIGHT!

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