miami video & some shots from our phones...

and now, a little video of our miami clips and snaps that i collected while we were on vacation a few weeks ago. i am SO thankful our timing worked out well- last year at this same time, hurricane nicole hit bermuda and forced us to cancel a girls trip. this year we just barely missed irma.

i've said it so many times, but man, this trip was a dream...
goggle hair and pre-nap cuddles.
harvey slept the whole taxi ride to the airport, and most of the flights to/from ft. lauderdale. this kid, man. he's all the good stuff the world is made of. 
one day the kids were in the kids club and mike and i had the WHOLE pool and spa to ourselves! that is... until this gentleman came in and rained on our parade. 

mind you, there were THREE hot tubs. he chose ours.
jude dropped his toy. it rolled to the LITERAL edge of the patio and he had a heart attack. SCREAMING. we laughed because, well, hello.

and one more parting view........

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