the 4th of july, 2017!!

thanks to some super-mom friends, the 4th of july this year included a breakfast in central park, followed by a scooter parade!! although it seems like everyone i know has left for summer vacations, the turnout here was insane (and included basically everyone ELSE we know;) 

last year we went to coney island and picnicked with friends (here & here), so i am surprised this year could even compete with the patriotic joy that was last year... so much red, white & blue!!!
scooters are owned by every kid in nyc. micro stays in business BECAUSE of nyc. clearly.
so. many. kids!!!!
after the scooter parade, the moms took a turn and threw candy at the kids. then the dads took a turn and squirted them with squirt guns (you can see mike nailing elle above).
the husbands of those super moms then let all these kids nail them with water balloons...
then it was glitter tattoo time! 
harvey is very bald on top. with acne. and some chins. he's workin' this charming, sweet, squishy, sleepless (at night) stage!
jude somehow had grass stains on his butt, and grass attached to the buttons on the back of his shorts. livin' the boy life somethin' fierce.
stellar placement by elle. 

'twas a battle i didn't care to fight. tattoo on your face? sure, why not.
later in the afternoon we met back up with some friends for a shake shack picnic and kubb! we went home exhausted, sweaty, and with massive headaches. leaving the fireworks for yet, another year to come... maybe one day;) 
hbd, america!!!

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