saturday rectangle around the city...

 mike has been working quite a bit more than he did before (at least 15+ hours more/week), and it's been a little rough on my mental health. this extra work includes every saturday from either home, or in this case 2 saturdays ago, a half-day at his office. after a long week, and the start of mike having a man-cold (which turned into a full-fledged man-cold which then hit the rest of the family), i mentally went into this particular saturday with serious trepidation. he left early, and the kids and i followed soon thereafter to explore. we headed east through the park...
 we stopped and ran through sprinklers, then park hopped down the east side of central park. it was hot and muuuggggy already. the park was filled with runners and families with their kid (usually kid. mostly 1. few people have more than 1 kid).
 most of the really funny events of the day were little instastory clips and boomerangs. pictures don't quite do it justice.

look how greeeeeeen!!!!!!!
 we kept walking east (the classy buildings on the upper east side are like nowhere else!), then jumped on the subway down to the flatiron, and met mike at his office. after, we stopped for our favorite &pizza to eat lunch! 
 we also grabbed slurpees, empanadas, and this delight at spot dessert bar- it was amazing! they have a few locations, this one is in a koreatown food court... a little odd being served an $11 dessert on an orange food service tray, but it tasted great! (er, minus the parsley.) 

presenting, the harvest...
the kids faces below... bahahaha!
we walked the last 3 miles home in the sweltering heat and humidity. subway platforms are saunas, and sometimes it's just less work to walk. plus, mike and i got to talk periodically when our kids were fighting and we ignored their constant bickering to have a decent chat or two.

summer is once again refreshing my tired, sleepy soul. it's definitely not all good all the time, but the lifestyle and physical endurance needed to fully immerse ones-self in this city is best fitting during the summer. so happy to be in the thick of it!

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