summer solstice & yoga in times square!!!

summer solstice & international yoga day mean it's a party in times square. a party where one lays on the filthy floor and meditates to the sound of sirens and honking, and innumerable tourists pass by the barricaded section of the busiest intersection in america and take pictures of you looking (in my case) like a large, ungraceful, water-dwelling mammal.

this year, 30 or so friends from church joined 2300 other strangers as we burned our feet on the blacktop and (again, in my case) spent an hour practicing yoga. (mostly, i took pictures and took in the sights.) i'm 3 weeks-post-harvey, and my body is MOST DEFINITELY not in yoga shape. or any shape other than squishy. which was completely useless. hence the laughing and picture-taking. (not that that is out of the norm in any capacity.)

also, the lighting? c'mooonnnn! two thumbs up for sunbeams through skyscrapers!
 holy sweat, man! it was so steamy! 

one of the highlights of the night was turning around and seeing that guy (^^) with a baby in an ergo, doing yoga. he just held his kid's head down and downward-dogged! you go, man.

my view...
once they kicked us out, we headed to schmackary's for cookies because, 1) it was jenn's birthday the day before, and 2) cookies. funfetti won the taste test, although cookies & cream came in at a very close second.

and again, i love you, summertime in nyc!!

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