harvey at 1 week...

 amanda update: after 5 days of constant pain- a headache like i've never experienced, fever, chills, aches, and more, i had an epiphany. i assumed it was the mastitis (which cleared up in a day). my doctor told me i needed to go to the ER and have extensive testing- she told me the antibiotic was so strong it should've killed any infection that would be causing the symptoms, particularly the fever- i shouldn't still have a fever. i was really frustrated with her, with my body, and overall just exhausted from the week and an utter lack of sleep. then at 3am it hit me-- it wasn't the antibiotic not working-- it WAS the antibiotic! i looked up the side effects online and sure enough, they were a perfect match. long story short, i stopped taking it, and within 24 hours i felt SO much better! i can't believe it took so long to connect those dots (for the record, my doctor didn't really believe me that i was having a reaction to the antibiotics because she'd "never heard of this happening before"), but ironically the symptoms of the mastitis and the side effects of that particular antibiotic mirrored one another.

google for the win!!!

here are some pictures from our 1-week-old man- i did this with elle (here) and jude (here), so i felt like it was my parental obligation. this time around it was much more haphazard and casual (but such is the new norm).

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