baby shower time!

 after functioning ever-so-impatiently in recent weeks, begroaning how much i dislike my obgyn, i went to my visit friday and she gave me JUST the news i wanted to hear- she is willing to induce me before 40 weeks, AND i'm 80% and 2cm+, so basically, this pregnancy WILL END SOMETIME SOON! in less than 2.5 weeks, i'll have a baby. not a baby belly (well, i'm SURE i'll have a baby belly, just a baby-less belly). she also warned me that i could go fast- very fast- if i go on my own. fast as in, get in a taxi with my kids if i need to, and just get to the hospital without a second thought. i'm not anticipating that by any means, but it was a bit shocking to hear. for those not named amanda petersen, i'll refresh your memory: i was induced EAGERLY with both elle and jude at 38 and 37 weeks. my babies were 7 pounds- scrawny, but healthy. i've never "gone into labor" and delivery was a whole lot faster than pregnancy, so i'm all good with medical intervention to bring a baby safely, happily, into our arms. if given the choice, i'd take an induction any day over the idea of going into labor. especially in this city when we'll be relying on the kindness of friends to take our kids as we hurl them in a direction, depending on the time of day. mike actually dry heaves (perhaps it's actual vomit) at the idea that i have "water" that can "break." i tried telling him yesterday that it wasn't, in fact, water at all, and he nearly lost his mind. he is all but following me around with a towel at this point. 

it's getting real.

now, ever so ungracefully, i'll switch gears entirely...

BABY SHOWER! my sweet friends mari & meg planned a shower at tessa on saturday. it was perfect! i am so grateful for the girlfriends who left their families on that rainy day and were able to come eat and talk and laugh...
 love these girls so much!
now, some final pregnancy notes for your reading pleasure.

this child (still nameless) is lower than i thought humanly possible. i cannot wear pants or anything with a waist-band, and it's been that way for weeeeeks, but it's at a new low (no pun intended). i'll spare you details. i mean, i don't want to because it's crazy, but i'll spare the internets. i have never wanted to live in a bikini so bad though. clothes are my nemesis. i hate the feel, smell, EVERYTHING. i am in excruciating pain from having to pee so badly, so often. dozens of times a night. not exaggerating. i never sleep. the only plus to a baby who is falling out of my person is that i can breathe most of the time. unless i'm straining myself- climbing stairs, getting in and out of bed- you know, the intense stuff. also, i only get heartburn when i eat chocolate and peanut butter? weird. sad, but weird. i still crave fresh things and juices constantly. we have NO budget for my juicing addiction, so i make acai bowls daily to try and distract myself. my back pain is intense, insanely painful, but has shockingly subsided the last few days which is a welcome relief. i'm not as swollen as i remember with the other kids, but my face still feels faarrrrrrr too large. i can't eat much after about 3:00pm (and if i do, it has to be salad or something carb-free) or i'll feel SICK the rest of the night- there is NO more space left in my abdomen, even though i'm usually starrrrving. i've been trying to stay crazy active to get this boy shaken down (i think it's helping), and miraculously, can make it walking 5-ish miles each day without almost dying. i have a terrible cold which is actually good news only because i had terrible colds when i had both elle & jude, and i said to mike 2 days ago that was the only thing that was missing and i could go into labor! bam- cold. good and bad news all at once! lastly, strangers are horrified when they see me. even more-so if they see me with 2 other kids. i'm quite the scene, but... THE END IS NEAR!!!

(my lasts posts before jude were born are here & here- at 36/37 weeks, i'm at the same point now i was then. ahhhh! baby!)

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  1. So excited for you guys!!!! Can't wait to see him (even if it has to be in pictures--boo)


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