spring break, part 2: central park, a SPLASH PAD & the prospect park zoo!

tuesday i woke up feeling like i was hit by a truck- we were SO busy monday, it was like running a half-marathon with no training! the forecast predicted 82 degrees, so although we were beat, there was no chance we were staying at home on day 2. the kids were READY, so we headed out early again for some playtime in central park...
the walk from the west side to the east side of central park is breathtaking. add in the early morning hours- it's somewhat quiet, most of the traffic being runners and bikers. the kids ran on the paths through the blooming trees. it was seriously gorgeous.
we met some friends at the sailboat pond and played around the water until the kids were getting too close to the water for comfort. then we decided to head to the carousel (it was super dark as we rode, and i only managed to capture a few video clips instead of photos).
i called the museum to see if their fountains were open, they said no, so we took a taxi home (it was 80 by this point, and i had a moment when i realized i could actually go into labor if i didn't take a break;) i put jude down for a nap, just as friends texted, "the fountains are open! and empty!" 

clearly they were empty because the people on the phone were telling everyone the water was off!!!

i woke jude up after an hour and we headed back out...
the best was watching the people inside the museum look at the kids as they made faces through the glass. awesome.

this whole spraying water thing got me SO EXCITED FOR SUMMMMMMEERRRRRR!!!
wednesday we headed to brooklyn to explore the prospect park zoo. our herd of kids and young moms always gets serious stares (and usually questions) from strangers on the subway. we look crazy. and we're super loud, let's be honest. it rained on and off, and the kids were mostly interested in playing in dirt than looking at the animals. 

we went to wendy's for a late lunch before heading back into manhattan. wendy's! nostalgia!! (i've only ever seen 1 in the city.) when we walked in we got another batch of stares, and even a comment of the arrival of "rich manhattan housewives" or something like that. which made me laugh hysterically because that is clearly something for which i have never been associated. good times. the strollers do it, i'm telling you.

anyway, eating at wendy's was moderately regrettable. fast food usually is, yes? ;)
(thanks to becca for a few of these snaps!)

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