easter egg hunt in central park & easter sunday!

 i went from 0 to 60 the past 2 weeks. my camera and phone haven't been this busy in MONTHS! spring break + weather in the 60's, 70's, 80's, + easter = constant go-go-going.

saturday (easter eve) we had an easter egg hunt in central park with our friends from church. we climbed this pretty hill near our house, and everyone laid out blankets and picnic baskets- it was straight up dreamy. it was 65 degrees and breezy. SO picturesque! 
 elle and her friends ella and olive read to the kids while the eggs were being hidden along the hill and among the rocks and trees, then we told the kids they had to take a group picture before they were free to hunt;) bribery. my fave.
this was the face my kids gave when i forced them to take more pictures before they could open their eggs;) 
(aaaand let's not forget jude's faaaaace!)
easter sunday we got to church on time, then when i was in the bathroom with jude just as our meetings began, he put hand soap in his hair and on his face... it foamed up SO MUCH that i literally had to bathe him in the sink. we walked in (of course our seats were on the front row), hair and white shirt entirely drenched. of course. easter best! ;) 

sunday evening it was EIGHTY THREE DEGREES! we went to the great lawn in central park for a picnic with friends. as we got there, the sky got dark and a crazy rainstorm started! people screamed and ran- it was amazing. the kids ran in circles. jude hid under our mat. 45 seconds later it was over and we resumed our picnic with 75% less people;) friends came, and we stayed out until it was way past everyone's bedtime.

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