disney world 2017, part 3!

coats are comin' off!!!! well, at least mid-day. 
whilst not in shaded areas.

here's the rest of our day at the magic kingdom, and our last full day together at epcot! 

take note of jude's napping, elle's posing, and mike's absence as he rode on spaceship earth. also, teacups for the win. kids love the teacups. moi, notsomuch. (my first time, here, with a liiiiiittttllllee elle!)
 dole whips are worth (free) snack credits! (we had FORTY snacks! FORTY! so much sugar was consumed in 6 days.) 
pineapple makes my tongue itch.
in the evening, just when we thought our tired legs couldn't move another inch, our ears heard the sound of the infamous dance party- this was SUCH a highlight on our last trip and magically all of our feet put aside their anger and were as happy as could be for 20 minutes as we all danced around like crazies. and mostly watched jude as he roooooocccccked. that man DANCES. 
last day together at epcot!
 jude was NOT feeling family photos, but also was not feeling being left out. it took us 15 minutes to get past this spot. he was so angry and unsure what he wanted to do. in? out? yes? no? 

oh, he was totally fine taking pictures with nana & papa though...
 we spent a long time at the seas- riding on nemo, talking with crush, and seeing all the fish. 

there was also this lady who didn't understand that she was in everyone's photos..............
 we took an afternoon break, then headed back for the evening, starting with dinner in france.

i have to say- epcot is usually a favorite park of ours, but this day was SO frustrating. there are very few rides, so the ones that are there can get really busy. in the morning, some of our favorites were "temporarily closed," which was a bit annoying. we had fastpasses for the new frozen ride in the evening- which was a BIG deal since the line is crazy long! well, by the time we ate dinner and we walked around while waiting to ride frozen we noticed that EVERY RIDE was shut down!! all of them. ALL THE RIDES! since we'd saved most rides for the evening that meant we did almost nothing (only the seas & soarin' earlier in the day). we sat around and waited an hour, then gave up. defeated. such a sad way to end our park days!!! on the plus side, the new soarin' was great! and jude was tall enough to join us- which was awesome:) his reactions were priceless. 
also, food at epcot is always a joy. that france pavillion... mmmmm!
(that same family photo issue jude had when we arrived manifested itself again halfway around the world- see? ^^ :)

*i should note that after we got home i contacted disney and they were very apologetic and are working to rectify (with us) the all-day-and-no-rides-working situation. disney customer service is oooonnn point.

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  1. ooooh! Let me know if Disney ends up doing anything special for you! That's so sad!!


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