gelato in the snow...

saturday after all of us were awake, while the kids were perched on the radiator warming themselves as they looked out the window, i asked jude, "so what do you want to do today?" his reply: "hmm... do i want to go to the park? no....... do i want to stay inside? yessssssss." 
completely matter-of-fact and without hesitation.
he's mike's child for sure.

mike has been studying for a licensing exam so he's been erring on the side of staying home (much to my chagrin), and since i tried taking the kids to a far-away park last week and they were crying by the time we got there that it was FREEZING and they were going to die, i was hesitant to ruin another saturday morning:) we ended up laying around in pj's, we took a nap, mike simultaneously studied while taking a bath and eating a bowl of cheerios (all in said bathtub), and the kids and i went and got some books at the library. snow wasn't in the forecast, but fluffy white flakes started pouring from the sky late in the afternoon, and we decided to head out for gelato. 

it has snowed three times this winter.  and each snow day fell on a saturday. in a city of black coats, there's nothing quite as pretty as giant white flakes blanketing all the little people marching down the street. ooooh!!
 it's important to note that amorino is incredible!! also, we shouldn't have gone hungry- we started off with a bowl of gelato to share. nice and conservative. (sharing a single medium gelato bowl looks like 4 hungry dogs sharing a dog bowl- it's not pretty.)
then as we walked out we decided to stop again and get a hot chocolate and a caramel crepe. 😬
back at home we watched the snow continue to blow around until bedtime. the kids entertained themselves in their favorite fashion- being in a band. 
mike decided juju needed to learn "juju on that beat," so there was a lot of dancing going on. i also tried to teach elle the beauty of the cup song.  
it was an incredibly culturally diverse and well-rounded day for sure. 😉

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