christmas 2016...

this christmas felt different. 

there are pretty much 2 things i feel like i feel passionate about as a parent- potty training early, and simplicity. there's so much i know i do verrrry wrong, but i feel rather strongly about those two items. as the weekend came to a close, my heart was overwhelmed with gratitude for the peace we enjoyed this christmas.

while we intentionally went into the season with different goals and expectations, i wasn't prepared for how much that alternate thinking changed my heart. it sounds cliche, but letting go of the commercialism and competition made everything feel... right? it stemmed from the fact that we knew we had to cut back almost entirely on spending- no gifts at all for mike or myself, and only a single gift for each of the kids, as well as a single gift from saint nick. there would be small stockings for the kids, and a game to all share. miraculously, the kids held firm to their short list of wishes for christmas morning (no wavering!). shopping (online) was swift and easy. we received a few presents from loved ones and grandparents, so we knew they would have just enough to open. we talked in preparation about how there was only going to be a few presents, and whatever was there was going to be welcomed with gratitude. there was no comparing to any joneses, and there wasn't a need to brave crowds to shop in chaos. no neighbor gifts (just homemade pizzelles!). there were no new clothes, no christmas pj's, and no decorations. we had a cute little tree with a single string of lights, and hung homemade paper stockings from the branches...
 our ornaments were either gifts from friends (like this crane from jude's church teachers), or homemade trinkets (origami candy canes the kids made on christmas eve while we visited the origami tree at the museum of natural history)!
 christmas morning started at 5:30........ ouch. but their faces! oh, so excited! they were such little buddies leaving their room- it literally melted my heart.
 jude's only requests: a drumset and socks (socks??)- smart santa went with the electronic drumset option because he's a genius, and he cares about our neighbors. 

elle only wanted a rapunzel doll and tape. (we totally lucked out this year:)
the kids played with their stockings and santa presents while mike and i tried to fall back asleep for an hour, then it was time for (our traditional fruit bowl) breakfast before we opened the presents under the tree! 
 the beesssssst part of the day was watching the kids open the gift they bought each other. elle chose a really fancy remote control car (😉) from cvs- jude's face when he saw it was unreal (↑). the kid about dropped dead from excitement. he jumped up and bear hugged elle, and repeated all day, "elle! i love you so much! thank you so much for my car! you know how much i love cars and you got me a car!!"
 since christmas fell on a sunday we walked to church (it was such a nice day!), and had a lovely little dinner as a family before watching christmas movies (kevin!!!) and eating too much junk food.

merry, merry christmas!

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  1. Awwww! Merry Christmas Petersen family! I just love you guys. It looks like you had a magical Christmas.


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