nyc nighttime bus tour!!

never have i experienced a group of girlfriends like i've experienced here. the nature of this city is so unique, and the opportunities so plentiful, basically it's the worst nightmare of any husband to see even a fraction of it all- mike would need to be pulled by a leg, kicking, screaming, and digging in his nails to tolerate the frolicking. also, it's  at least 50% cheaper to do things sans-spouse:) point being, there's always girls ready for a party; there are so many amazing people i feel like the sky is the limit for experiences and relationships and fun. (and it's new york city, so we could go out everyday and still find things to do and places to eat!)

mari is one of my very best friends, and she's up for ANYTHING, so her birthday seemed like the perfect time to go straight-tourist for the night. 
bus tour.   dessert.   win-win! 
the logistics were a little hairy (NOWHERE IN NYC is equipped to hold 20 girls on a saturday night without a $2000 minimum. ouch!), but a few of us got super creative, pieced details together, and after a 40 degree day prior, this saturday night was literally perfection- 60 degrees and clear skies!
getting 19 people on a bus was....... interesting:) i bought the tickets in advance, but we had to wait in line the night-of to actually get seats. thank heavens they let us wait for the next bus so we could jump on first! i was having a little bit of a panic attack this first hour. BUT WE GOT ON! sweet relief!
we got super amazing (tacky) schtuff to wear but it all blew off. so did mari's balloons. oops.
 IF there is a good way to see times square- IF- then this is it. let me say (again)- if people hate nyc, and they spent most of their time in times square, then i can tell them why they hate nyc. times square is the most bananas place. it gives me a migrane. BUT!!! BUT!!!! if we're going to be stuck in hoards of people, might as well be on a double decker bus with a bunch of girls. janelle yelled to the people on the bleachers to join us in singing "happy birthday" to mari while we were stopped. which was hiiiiiiiil-larious. also, it was the only bright spot of the night, hence the multitude of photos to come.........
after our 2.5 hour bus tour through manhattan and brooklyn (it was supposed to be 90 minutes. bonus!), we went to get dessert. although dessert turned into food and little dessert since we were famished. 

happy birthday, mari!!! we love you!

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