día de muertos/day of the dead party!!!

 it's been so long since mike & i went on a date. at night. just us two. with a sitter! kind of a big deal. there's been a lot of sickness and crap the last few weeks that has put a damper on the fun factor of my usually-fun-filled existence, so thank the heavens for friends' epic birthday parties!! 

let the record state that i spent 2 weeks convincing mike he didn't "need" a mariachi costume and trumpet. he was heartbroken to come looking "normal." the face paint was way more fun than i thought it would be, and elle & jude were mesmerized by the whole process. why have i never painted my face before? good times, good times. we woke up yesterday morning/the morning after looking like a bad 80's band. (also, my hair was in it's teased and ever-voluminous element. all this hair is good for something. and you better believe i still haven't washed it.)

before leaving home, we held the elevator so we could take a picture in our mirror walls. this is the only full-length mirror we have, so anytime one wants to see ones-self, one has to run down the hall, up the stairs, and in front of the elevator. it goes wrong a large percentage of the time (#awkward).
 then we rode the subway and i thought for sure we wouldn't get looks because heaven forbid you see it ALL on the subway, but that was wrong. we got looks. and a lot of "subtle" photos (subtle = not subtle;)  i did have a nice chat with a postal worker who sat next to me though. he smelled very strongly of beer, but we had a nice chat and i learned about some great bars in the west village!

we made it down to soho (tribeca?) where we discovered the most amazing of office-location-turned-party-pad (GIVE ME ALL THE LOFTS WITH WHITE PAINTED FLOOOOOOORRRRRSSSS!)...
the best part of this 20's are dead/día de muertos/day of the dead party was the fact that everyone was SO made-up it took a solid 10 seconds to process who most people were! and the place was HOPPIN. sammi is awesome, and a great friend to all. her turnout was insane. as we left mike whispered, "you don't want a birthday party...... right?" the look of terror on his face was priceless;) 
we left post-taco-binging, sadly missing out on the dance party and cake cutting. i'm trying not to think too much about it for fear of tears. knowing those peeps i'm sure the party roared into the wee morning hours!

happy 30th, sammi!!

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  1. How FUUUNNNNN!!!!! It looks like a blast! And definitely makes me want to try painting that look on my own face for Halloween!


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