rowboats in central park...

 renting a rowboat in central park has been on my list to do for ages & ages now! we've gone by a few times this summer and the line was always a bit too long, or the sun was shining just a little too bright, but on labor day something magical transpired, and it happened, and it was perfect.

the days leading up to memorial day the weather cooled. the tourists started to go home. the new yorkers started to leave the city. the city literally quieted down, and the streets got a little wider as the pace slowed just a bit. labor day morning the skies were overcast. the wind was blowing, and we wandered our way through the park, past a waterfall, played with a few dogs, and made our way to the boathouse where we jumped in our very own ROWBOAT! cue the music!
 (elle's smile!!! if you missed her hopped up on laughing gas on my instagram, you totally missed out. it was a great day. i took her in to get those top 2 teeth yanked, since her adult teeth were plowing forth with wild abandon [see that big guy up there??]. goooood times. she was a total champ. now, she's an awkward, darling, toothless wonder.)
the fact that the kids could participate- opposed to the paddle boats on the tidal basin last year (ahem- here)- was FANTASTIC!
 my two favorite pictures, above & below.
 we played in a waterfall, jumped across rocks, and jude ran around with an empty glass tequila bottle. all in a days work.

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