disposable camera photos of yore!

we've had 3 disposable cameras for a few years now- 1 for elle, 1 for jude, and a water camera we all shared. we usually forgot they existed, so pictures slowly accumulated month after month and year after year. i used to always have a water camera on hand (this post... and i swear there were others documented... somewhere...). 

well, i finally developed the film from our camera collection, and then a month later finally-finally found a disk drive to pull the photos off the photo cd's! hooray! the only sad part is disk 3 of 3 was blank. so i'll have to scan the actual pictures or something. or not. sounds like a lot of work. (WOW, i've sure become lazy in this digital age. anyway...) here are some of my favorites in reverse order, starting with mike & my jet skiing trip in july!! 
(reminder: jet skiing was the most fun we've ever had. ever.)
then on to elle's camera...
and the white house christmas tree! (you can even see the pictures of elle taking pictures here.)
and nyc with mike's family last fall!
swimming in our old pool!
a visit to nyc last summer...
sprinkles cupcakes.......
and last but not least, our first night in our nyc apartment! don't miss our glamorous sleeping arrangements;) 
now, to see if i can recover those last images...

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