the back door at the park avenue armory...

 'the back door' is a martin creed exhibit at that just closed at the park avenue armory (you can read more about it here). we went a couple weeks ago with friends, just as the exhibit was winding down.
so. cool.

the showstopper is the balloon room, but there are also some other crazy rooms (think haunted mansion)- a piano that slams shut, doors that open and close on their own in the dark, a band that floats around playing music, and this massive airplane hanger with super interesting videos of people and cats and bizarre things stuffed in mouths... the door opposite the hanger opens and closes as well. so weird. in the most awesome way.
elle was obsessed all day before we got there, "i don't understand how we get in the room without all the balloons coming out!!!" it was very cute. and wise, right!?
 we went in the room twice, taking about 1,000 pictures, and getting about 4 good ones among them all. at least we tried;) 
fact: i heart art.

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