island beach: greenwich, connecticut!!!

 introducing: island beach near greenwich, connecticut!!

*insert chorus of angels singing*

thank the heavens for new friends and insane summer days!
here's how the day started- walk to the subway, literally crush people trying to get our double strollers onto a subway to times square during rush hour, ride a shuttle to grand central station, board a train to greenwich, walk into town, and catch a ferry out to the island! 

totally do-able. 

i mean, it wasn't do-able according to our husbands, but we're women- pro's at multitasking, and masters of tacking challenges... so bam. we win.
also, we added buffer time so we weren't stressed. and our kids get along great, so there's that. it took a few hours... but we made it!!! my GOSH this was one of the best days of summer, maybe ever.

here's the whole crew (minus a kid or two who ran off;)...
 greenwich: ooooooohhhh!!
 the hooouuuusssseeeeeessssssss!!!!!!! it's hard to see, but that house above had a papa bear, mama bear, and baby bear house. three stacked in a row (pool house? guest house? not sure). it was insane.
 i didn't have any expectations, but once i realized that little island below is where we were headed, i basically peed my pants...
 wait for it...


we were on the first ferry of the day, so we basically had the place to ourselves:
can you believe on a clear day you can see manhattan from here!? what is this magical land!?!?!

i mean, loooooook!
 the island is private and incredibly well-maintained. 
nice bathrooms! and a food shack! and a park! and shade! oh yes, and a beach. 
it was unreal.
 we picniced and talked and played for hours! we figured out which ferry we needed to take to get us back into the city at a reasonable time, and then all of the sudden looked up and realized it was coming! we ran like crazy people, throwing kids into strollers and stuff into bags, sand was flying everywhere! we ran, half-dressed, to the dock, and on the boat just in time. it was hilarious.
 we made it back to the city (the kids loved the train- note them screaming above. poor souls in our train car weren't so happy), with most of them making it back into the city awake (jude was not one of those:) we decided to stop at do for cookie dough ice cream sandwiches (LIFE CHANGING. see heaven here), then we walked home...

it was about 4 miles. 
across then through midtown. 
three girls with 2 kids each, wielding double strollers, and sticky, sandy, sweaty bodies, and packed crowds (friday at 5:30). there was lots of laughing at the juxtaposition of that perfect, peaceful, quiet beach, immediately followed by the mass chaos that is midtown manhattan.

12 hours after we started, we drug our nearly dead, entirely dehydrated bodies into our apartment (we stopped three times for hydration in the last mile!)...

i hereby award that summer day a raving success.

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