coney island for the 4th!!

we met up with friends at coney island early on the morning of the 4th- the plan was to enjoy the beach and sunshine before the hoards of people piled in for the hot dog eating contest/holiday festivities. thanks to our early-rising kids, we were out the door at 6:30am:)

we had the train(s) to ourselves! that was nice. downside? i really wanted bagels to take with us, but alas! apparently it's the nation's b-day so nothing was open before we took off?
look how calm and pleasant the boardwalk is early in the morning!
the most logical thing to do when you've been disappointed by bagels, is to eat a hot dog at 8am. 
so that's what mike did! i had a bite. and regretted it the rest of the day. tooooo earrrrly.

but hey! what's more patriotic than a nathan's hot dog at coney island on the 4th!? 
and no line!! 
the beach got steadily busier & busier... 

my camera went into hiding as we played on the beach with friends. as lunch approached and the sound of mariachi music got louder, we headed out. i really wanted to try a mango on a stick carved into a flower but mike advised me against it. i totally regret listening to him. 

coney island was so fun- i can't wait to go back. it was all nicer than i expected, minus the glass that was everywhere in the sand (we picked out at least 20 pieces of broken bottles)- thankfully, no injuries. we all departed, sandy and unscathed. also, no sharks. after seeing "the shallows" last week, that was a relief. 
beach bodies and music and rides and PEOPLE! so many people! we had to walk way out of the way to get back to the train- we were the only people headed back into the city, and we were most definitely swimming upstream to the point we could not be accommodated:) 

jude passed out the second we got on the subway and i may have zonked out for a few minutes, too...
happy birthday, america!!!

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