brooklyn pop-up pool!

 fridays have become my most favorite day of the week! somehow they've turned into a mass adventure day- we leave early and don't come home until late. yesterday we headed to the pop-up pool in brooklyn...
  it was a rainy morning (who cares though when you're headed to jump in a pool?)- we got there and it was dead. as in... literally no one was around. locked up. we killed some time, found a park employee who told us to come back at noon (it was, like 10), so we let the kids run free, then we headed back...

pictures & phones aren't allowed on any pool decks in this crazy city, so we had to get resourceful...
 we also got pizza. because, when in brooklyn: juliana's!
 a beach, a beach! 

you can only swim for 45 minutes at a time. even though we had the pool to ourselves (that never happens, i'm sure of it), they made us get out. so we got out and waited/played in the sand...
 elle is obsessed with these girls and their awesome kids. as the oldest of the kids, she is sure she's just one of the girls. 

then there's these crazy cute little boys...
before heading out we stopped at brooklyn ice cream factory for a treat. the kids and i shared a cone........ which is silly. basically, it's a fight to the death. we don't mess around when it comes to treats. there were a lot of tears by all three parties.
it was a pleasure, as always, brooklyn!

also, this is the last summer of the pop-up pool- DON'T GO, POOL!! 
(but do go, people!)

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  1. Hahaha!! What a fun pool!!! So cool that little Jude and Elle have so many great friends!


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