just jude...

i have a sliver of time with just jude- i've never had this before! it's been so long since i was home with him, and he's a kid now!! while elle finishes the school year (which i swear should have ended by now- IT IS SUMMER ALREADY!), i've had the chance to party with this studman all day. we only have this time for a few weeks, and really since i've been working, too, it's been spent running around mostly all the time. that being said, he's such a great kid. such a great kid. he's chill and a relatively decent listener. anytime i ask him to cuddle, he'll drop whatever he's doing and come running. he chews as much gum as me, and begs to watch youtube all day, everyday when we're not outside (this youtube obsession is killing me. where did these hobbykids come from, and how did they steal my children's attention span????). he still wakes up too early, and demands chocolate milk, applesauce, and a granola bar the instant he wakes up as a "pre-breakfast snack." he asks to take a nap each day still, and i willingly oblige, because, duh. also, mike says sleeping babies are the closest sight to heaven in the world. i agree.

here we are a early last week while waiting to meet up with friends at the splash pad.
i mean.... HELLO!?
thumbs up and BABY BUNS ALL DAY!!!!!!

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