family photos on the rooftop...

 just as we were moving i noticed that liz williams was going to be in nyc in may, and i thought, 'great! may! that gives me 2 months to get ready and convince mike we need family photos!' then i emailed her, set the date, and realized it was basically may... even though my brain was SURE it was still march. sweet liz was overbooked already, but gave in to my pleadings for a shoot.

it was our first week in our new apartment. it was raining. totally not ideal:) i told liz if she was game, we were too, and awesome liz not only obliged, but she pit stopped at our apartment (we were going to meet at central park), and took pictures of us playing on our roof. i love this little spot- it's just ours, and it's the reason we fell in love with this apartment. we made our way (drenched) to the park, and caught a bit of sun as it set behind us...

sometimes it's hard to look at photos and not be critical of ones-self. it's hard to spend money and time and wrangle kids (and a spouse), but when it's all said and done, there is NOTHING like having pictures in that moment. wet, frizzy hair, goofy smiles, soaked pants, but full hearts in the city we absolutely love!!!

thank you again, liz!!!


  1. I looooove them! They are beautiful individually and collectively as a documentation of your new era! You guys are so fun and I love that you went for it in the rain.


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