a weekend wedding in ohio...

a few weeks ago we rented a car and drove out to ohio for my cousin's wedding. i don't have many cousins- just a handful- and i use the term loosely. (mike always corrects me, "amanda- that's not your cousin..." close enough. tyler though- tyler is my cousin:) my parents flew out from utah, so it was fun to see them for this mini vacay, in addition to enjoying our hotel swimming pool for a night (even if the water was ice cold;) also, my cousin, rose (*not actually my cousin?), was ordained so she could marry them! then she moved to vegas like the next week. she's pretty fantastic.

the kids have been looking forward to the wedding for ages- mike was the best man, elle was the flower girl, and i was a bridesmaid. my cousin and his fianc√© are incredibly happy, and we have some epicly awesome stories from the weekend's festivities (ask me about them sometime:)
 elle took her bridesmaid duties VERY seriously.
 jude napped on papa during the ceremony, 
and then mike gave the best best man speech ever...
bad dance partner (above), good dance partner (below).
my grandpa was healthy enough to leave the nursing home and surprise tyler! 
and then my grandpa taught elle to dance! 
he is quite the dancer- that's how he and my grandma met. i'll always remember dancing on his feet as a little girl to the same song he would sing, "oh how we daaaanced on the niiiight we were weeedddd!"
 then we cut loose. i think we were the only people dancing? but we had a fantabulous time dancing to justin timberlake. CAN'T STOP THE FEELING! (dance dance dance dance...)
 jude went around the room and drank everyone's soda. he had at least 6 full cans. (hashtag eyeroll.)

and now featuring the glory of ohio's green-ness:
 also not to be forgotten: running to walmart for snacks and lawn chairs, and then discovering THESE BEAUTIES...
 remember those flimsy plastic lawn chairs? yah, they were just as awful as i remember, but man, that trip down memory lane was amazing. i parked myself in that aisle for 15 straight minutes and refused to budge. then i felt myself leaving a permanent mark in the plastic, so i moved on to the snack portion of our shopping trip.

mike eventually took the cart from me in walmart and got in line- i wandered down the aisles like a crazy person, "ooh!.... OOOOH!!!... HEY!!!..." and filled my arms with canned goods and random toiletries. THE PRICES! wow!! walmart. i miss walmart.
see ya later, 'burbs.

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