we are HOME!

mom, stop reading.

sooooo the thing is, i'm not sure i ever want to leave nyc. 

i feel like my soul has found it's mate. my stomach flutters and my heart skips a beat and my throbbing feet don't even care that i've stepped in another pile of street muck or dog (?) poo. maybe it's because we fought so long and hard to be here, but every ounce of my being feels that being here is right
maybe i'll change my mind. it's not all good. it is loud. and smells. and there are somanypeople. plus, laundry!!! ugh, laundry. times will change, just like things and people change....... but for now... i feel alive. i feel like i can breathe. i feel like me. i feel like i want to break down and cry in genuine gratitude for everything that brought us here. i mean, i pray that next year at this time we aren't homeless and/or destitute because of all the stupidity that lead us here, but for now- my GOSH, we are home!!!
our life is 85% settled. other than the job thing. kind of a big deal, but i'm trying to be positive here. i'm still working remotely and traveling (headed to dc as we speak), and mike is waiting to start his new job. so really, it could all still fall apart and us fail miserably, but as it stands, we're settled. we're unpacked. pictures are hung, and our tiny 1-bedroom apartment is meticulously organized to make it all fit (it fits! it fits!). plus, the natural light in our apartment in addition to the white walls and black window frames i dreamed of, are everything i dreamed of. 

rather than saying we basically live in a studio just like when we were newlyweds over a decade ago (literally paying 10x the price... gag), i like to think we live in a master retreat that has its own kitchen, sitting area, office, and en suite. #perspective
so the move. 
my parents dropped me off to pick up a rental car early friday morning, on their way back to utah (they drove! bananas. thank you, you crazy people!!!!). our tiny u-haul was packed by mike & i with only minor injuries. mike drove the truck. i took the kids in our little rental car. it rained the entire way to nyc. have i mentioned? 4 people, almost 11-years of marriage, down from 3,000 square feet in utah, and basically all of belongings fit comfortably in a 10' u-haul truck. isn't that insane? we have officially learned the value of "less is more" :) we made the best decision ever and hired a couple guys to help us unpack the truck. it took them an hour and we were all in! we used our extra 17 minutes with the car and truck to make a quick run to costco in harlem for milk and almonds (they were out of almonds! what?!), and then we dropped off all those vehicles and that was it. 
we were car-less new yorkers.
first night! first night! and our bed again! i love that sad little bed. isn't it funny how you get so used to your own bed? 

we spent mother's day weekend unpacking, organizing, and spending time with one of my coworkers and her hubby who were in town (since we don't see each other enough at work;) - but more on that later. we went to church on sunday and it was amazing. plus, they let the moms meet separately for the last hour, mingle, and even fed us homemade cinnamon rolls and fruit! C'MON! that's amazing! we also played at the park(s), walked a million miles, registered elle for school (that was a mess), and elle & i went on a date where we walked 60 blocks, carried groceries in our reusable bags, and pit stopped at every shoe and clothing store we wanted to on our way. it doesn't get better than that. shopping is so much easier here in SO many ways!!!
the walk to church on sunday morning (mother's day) was the coolest- we passed dozens of men with flowers in hand. kids in hand. breakfast bags in hand. all out without women, headed back to those women. it was the sweetest thing. also, my man happened to get me peonies and ben & jerry's, but that photo is no where to be found right now... either way, thank you, man;) 
 ^^ i was super impressed, per his request.
i would also like to note that i didn't think amazon prime could get better, but then we moved to nyc. they literally can deliver in hours. 
that, my friends, somewhat helps balance out the ridiculous sales tax new yorkers pay. 
and just like that, it's tuesday, and i'm headed back to dc to work. today i took the subway to a bus to the metro to a car to my office in dc. all by noon. all i'm missing is a plane and i would have had all transit options covered. 

i have sia, the yellowcard acoustic album, and "welcome to new york" on a big loop. it's a happy day.

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  1. I still can't believe that you LIVE there. It's permanent now. (and official that you're not coming back to work at the YW office. :( ) So amazing. Oh how your life has changed in the last 15 months!


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