our inaugural first week of summer in the city!

last week was mike's first week at his new job (two thumbs up)! it was also my first week with both kids minus mike in over a year, leaving me to be a new new yorker, main laundry person (the laundry situation here... ugggghh), and main kindergarten drop-er-off-er/pick-er-up-er. i'm also working-from-home-full-time mom, oh, and i took the kids with me to dc while i worked for 2 days of the week! it was a little bit insane. i broke down in tears one night as i laid in bed feeling exhausted, inadequate, hot, and overwhelmed, and then mike reminded me that we were finally here and i wept even harder in joy that he was right- we were here, and this is what we wanted! it's good. it's so good. i'm just so tired:) 

it was also 90 degrees and humid outside everyday last week, which seemed a bit much for may? (it's been so much cooler and raining in the weeks prior.) there was no dipping one's toe into the heat of summer- we went full throttle. SUMMERISHERE. the week was great and there were no issues, other than concerns with pacing ones-self (me). we spent most everyday we were in the city at the parks and cooling ourselves in splash pads. we even went to the beach once!! (except it was so far i had to come back before we actually GOT to the beach... that was an adventure:) the girls i've met at our church have been insanely kind and welcoming, and both kids (oh, and me) are surrounded by good little buddies and playmates most everyday. it's really fantastic.
 straight-from-school splash pad fun.

this was the day we tried to get to the beach... but really, we spent 4 hours on the subway (2 hours each way; only 30 minutes actually near the beach with friends), then i RAN from the subway to elle's school and managed to pick her up a mere 1 minute late. GO ME! either way, jude was heartbroken that we never swam, so we went to the splash pad all together.
  i've said it before and i'm sure i'll say it a million times more, but this place doesn't mess around with parks, splash pads, and green space! it's amazing. i'm still getting used to the crazy moms and plethora of nannies who are super grouchy and overprotective, but, hey. whatevs.

summer is upon us!!!

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