friday after we picked elle up from school, we went to brooklyn (dumbo to be specific) for pizza- we went a couple weeks ago with friends, and since then i've been seriously craving more. juliana's is one of the very best, and it's totally worth the trip to brooklyn. (it becomes questionable when you stand outside waiting in line for over an hour to get a table...) 

we spent time on the promenade and playing at the park. the weather was 70 and breezy- basically perfect- so we just sat around for a couple hours and took it all in...
^^ i spy lady liberty and a hot guy with a stroller! ;)

then there's these two... always a peace sign, thumbs up, or a "five" which I think jude does because he thinks elle is saying "two" instead of peace?
so worth the wait. so worth the wait.
waving to the police boat- he waves to everyone- mostly in crosswalks and to doormen. cutest thing!!

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  1. Elle looks so old as she flashes the peace sign! So cute! And I must try that pizza!


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