the washington monument...

so the washington monument! 

(wait, note the bag of chips at 8:30am, which mike opened upside-down just to annoy me;) 

after the cherry blossoms, we headed to the museum of art gift shop (PRIMO gift shop, let me tell you!) to snag a couple gifts for friends (minus the fact that we were still too early since they hadn't opened yet); also, because nothing on the mall is close, we moseyed on down, passing the washington monument on our way. i've been meaning to get tickets to go up into the monument for ages and ages, but i've never been able to outsmart the advanced ticketing system and find tickets when they're actually available? hmm. alas, we did the next best thing and walked right on up to this beaut! we've of course been on the lawn a bunch of times, but that extra .5 mile walk up to it's stoney exterior was particularly alluring today. so we approached her. (him?) and we were alone there for a while, so we had ourselves a good chat. i really wanted to do a handstand against her (him?), but i wondered if 1) it would be super immature and disrespectful of me to do such a thing, and 2) if i could actually do a handstand. (i'm leaning towards yes and no on the matters.)
(play on words right there.)
i mean, they're just the chips that keep on giving! and how romantic, right? never serious that one.
the sun was juuuuuust starting to warm up at this point. like where the light felt warm-ish. you know. 
i refused to wear a coat though. it was 68 just 24-hours before, so sometimes i try and be stubborn towards the weather, even though i know the idea is just plain ridiculous. 
and with a few good swings from the backpack, we kept on keeping on. we had plans to get some lunchy-lunch before leaving, but as kids go, some were ready for a nap + hungry (myself included. why don't i get naps??), so after we retrieved our gift store goodies, we rode home. jude did this:
darn those transit naps! so perfect. until a few hours later when they're beasts because they didn't get a normal nap. but back to the cuteness: nothing like a sleeping 42 pound baby on you. and i carried him to the car with his legs smacking my kneecaps. of course he woke up when i put him back in his car and then was grouchy the rest of the day. but it was worth that sleepy snuggle:)

as we walked and watched the kids running around ahead of us, i told mike again how much i'm going to miss this. this... this... whatever this craziness is. i know i will. i know our time here will only be remembered via photographs for jude, and hopefully at least a handful of memories stick for elle, but i hope these times shape them. i hope they are learning as they grow about so many wonderful things. i hope they learn to be kinder, but tougher. i hope they learn that they can be different. i hope they learn that they're loved by us more than anyone else they will meet. but i hope they meet new people who they'll love, and love them back! i cherish these days and these times. and thank heavens for overloaded blogs to remember the good and the not-so-good times we're having.

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