moving to new york city!!!

"i feel like new york was welcoming to us."

when mike said that the night we got home from our "move" to nyc, it seemed like the perfect sentiment.
mini miracles of sorts were sprinkled all around- our apartment was all i remembered and more- and everyone liked it! jude named our new place the "campfire apartment" (i assume because we basically camped out for the weekend?). we ate some incredible food. our internet was installed relatively easily. we enjoyed costco and target in the city (narrowly escaping a car accident en-route- the cars in front of us weren't so lucky). we had our first first cockroach-with-giant-antennae experience (in levain!!! which i still don't like by the way), and had ourselves a sunset rat introduction at the playground without much alarm from anyone. they're minor miracles, but then again, not really? i'm taking signs at full-value these days, and whether that's reliable or superstitious or not, it's what's happening. 

the happiest miracle came in the middle of the afternoon when i was sitting in our windowsill, peering onto the busy street below and felt the most overwhelming sense that this was all good. i felt calm and relaxed, and completely at peace. and that feeling of calm lingered for a while. the second i think about what we're doing, i have a panic attack, but when i take all the logistics out of it and just relax and let things happen, i feel unbelievably accepting. it's the craziest thing!! i'm not one for procrastinating, or rolling with things, or loosening control, really ever, so this is big for me.
also, just a warning, get ready for millions of pictures of/from our rooftop in this and all future posts. HOW CAN I NOT!? 

and hey! bonus feature! 
the skyline and a mostly-naked biker as we came into the city in 3, 2, 1...
 we left ohio on thursday with intentions of getting a hotel for the night so we could get an early start in the apartment on friday, april 1st. the further we drove across pennsylvania ("wyoming of the east"), the more we realized there weren't many hotels. 2 hours outside the city at an ever-glamorous wendy's (we missed the cracker barrel exit, dang it), we decided to call our landlord and plead as kindly as possible to let us into the apartment a night early. well, hello the biggest miracle of them all: she said yes! 

we pulled into the city as the sun set. we parked near zabar's, and hauled our stuff up and into our new place. we moved the car to it's new home for a few days (it got to ride a car elevator, so it was a vacation for her, too. if you're ever bored [ha!] check out parking garages in the city, fascinating!), and we walked back "home." that night we realized we have no lights in most of the rooms, so we hung out by the light of the bathroom vanity before falling asleep on the floor/on an air mattress (with yet another hole. SOMEONE TELL ME WHY AIR MATTRESSES AREN'T DISPOSABLE PRODUCTS? ALL OF THEM SUCK!). 

 binoculars, blossoms, and rain all around!

also, $1 to the person who figures out a way to successfully clean the sexual innuendo off our skylight (note: it there when we arrived), hidden somewhere in this plethora of weekend photos.

^^ do you see what I see!?
general-conference-watching, post-nap undies and hair, and toy store treasures. also, big daddy's has cookie dough pancakes that will stop you DEAD in your tracks. SO GOOD!!! while we're on the topic- chirping chicken is a must. 
 masking tape. best $1 we've spent all year. also, decor for mike's sister & brother-in-law who were coming to stay for a couple days because, let's be honest, you work with whatchugat...
 mike's back in the city now, getting settled and job-hunting. my parents drove out earlier this week to help with the kids while i'm at work (thank you!!!). it's confusing and we have literally no idea what the next steps are, but we're rolling with it for now. it's very strange. but mike called the other day to tell me that he was walking through central park after taking the wrong subway and ending up somewhere in brooklyn that he felt like we were going to be happy. like new york was going to be a really good home for us. those words were basically all the hope i needed for the time being.

also, this as a parting treasure:


  1. We loved the tape welcome. Very creative. Also we didn't even notice the inappropriateness of the skylight but how lame is the person who did it!?!

  2. You guys are rocking it! I love the new apartment, and can't wait to see how you'll make it your home.


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