visiting the renwick! (finally!!!)

 just when i think, 'hey! i like it here! i could stay a while!' we get in the car and spend 2 hours sitting in traffic trying to go 8 miles (for absolutely NO reason since its 3 on a monday afternoon), and i think, 'NOPE! time to go!' it's not pretty, and although i like to think i've become more adaptable this past year, the truth is our time here has all but squashed what little patience i did have. it's hard. and for as many wonderful occurrences, there is a proportionate amount of frustration, tears, and falling on our faces. but it's good. man, it's so good! the truth is dc is amazing in a million ways, but it's so hard to live/function-in-a-normal-capacity-to-take-advantage-of-all-that-is-here most of the time. we try to do a lot, and it's a lot of work. but it's also kind of worth it when you get to see things like this.

so, the renwickremember, we tried to go a few weeks ago, but that was a fail. round two: ding ding. it's on. after an hour and a half trying to get there and parked, we managed to walk in just after 5:00 (they close at 5:30). the good news is that we practically had the museum to ourselves! and it was AMAZING. 

seriously, this place was mind blowing! (you can read more about wonder here). the exhibits are made with "normal" materials presented in totally insane ways. also, a couple of things: 1) the renwick is directly across the street from the white house, and 2) it's the first museum built in the u.s. designed specifically to be an art museum (watch this)! the art was inspired by the museum itself!
i think one of the best parts about the renwick was that you could interact with so much of the art. especially with kids, that's just the best. showing them what can be created with things that they see everyday!? i swear this is the best way to learn about life: seeing things in different ways.
probably the highlight for me was the fact that you could lay on the floor!! this is amazing for many reasons, the main one being, when do you get to lay on the floor!? it felt so good.

and tires!
made with reclaimed cedar, shaped from a plaster cast of a tree!! ^^
hang on: THESE BUGS ARE REAL! (interview by jennifer angus here: legit)- and, no joke, that wall color is made from ground up painted insect extract. i mean, HELLO!? insane!!!!
a++ for the renwick. things like this- seeing these insane places in dc (for free!)- blows my mind and almost makes the stress of the effort getting there and home worth it. 

to cap off the evening, we decided to get $3.14 pizza at blaze (did i mention it was pi day?). going to a pizza place at 6:30 wasn't the smartest idea we've ever had, and the only good thing is it's spring break in our college town so the crowd was probably 80% less than it would've been otherwise, but we still spent 42 minutes in line waiting (i know because our meter ran out:) nonetheless, we each got our own pizza, which we finally devoured at bed time. 

go to the renwick. take the metro.

over and out.


  1. Beautiful!!! Except... who in their right mind did that insect thing?! That person had to have been legit crazy to deal with all those insects. I would never.

  2. AMAZING!!! But I'm with Annika! Yuck!!!


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