life with jonas...

a little more from our weekend with jonas, and then i'm done. it was just so exciting!! all that apocalypse-like behavior from the dc metro area which was in a legit state of emergency!!
we spent most of our time hunkered down indoors watching the snow fall.
 friday was the day jonas was scheduled to arrive so work and school were cancelled in preparation. there was lots of pjs and working out and movies and playing inside, and a nice walk to starbucks around lunchtime just as all the stores were closing for the day. 
we made snow angels played hockey along the way...
we were ready for a few days without power so mike bought some candles... including this one:)
mike also made science experiments, and the kids used straws to blow shapes through the screen onto the snow...
monday morning mike went to our church building to help clear a path on the sidewalk (step 1: locate the sidewalk). on the way he passed a car ditched in the middle of the road, like so many hundreds of others.    *facepalm*
this is what awaited him when he got to church. it may be hard to see just how deep it is, but they only had a few guys and some shovels (4-wheelers! i never thought i'd ever miss seeing a 4-wheeler!). mike said it took 3 digs down just to touch to the sidewalk.

we were scheduled to fly to utah on tuesday, so to be safe, on monday we headed to a hotel near the airport so we wouldn't have to deal with the icy morning commute (aka: commuters). 

now we're back in town and the snow has melted (i hear it was in the 60's while we were gone). school is back in session after an 8-day break, and the normal crazies are back to just being crazy in the sun instead of the snow. 

peace, jonas.

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