jude is three!

february 20th, 2013 started as a normal workday... and turned into a birthday! at 10:21pm we welcomed our favorite little man 7 pound man to the world. 
jude is a lighthearted little lover whose spirit connects with mine in a crazy way i never imagined was possible. his face is expressive and obvious. he IS whatever emotion he's feeling, 100%. if he's happy, his joy is as palpable. if he's mad, he will beat you to a pulp. if he's sappy, he'll shower you in hugs and kisses and sweet words. mike calls jude our sour patch kid. he's a terror at times, but then his big smile, crooked teeth, and nutso hair make you melt into a puddle of love:) 
there are only a couple signs of a baby still in our home- jude sleeps in a crib (even though he could climb out easily, he's never tried), and he still has a binky for bedtime because, let's be honest, our kids will need braces anyway, and he oftentimes asks to take a nap and/or go to bed at night (!!!!), so why would we ever jinx that!?! chunky legs and teething and diapers have made way for conversations and imagination and never-ending toys and snack wrappers littering our floors.
i adore watching jude emulate elle. he abuses her ruthlessly, but admires and follows her like nothing i've ever seen. he calls her "elle belle" instead of just "elle," and outweighs her by who-knows-how-many pounds. 
jude and mike spend their days together wrestling, and when i get home from work he screams, "MOOOMMMMYYY!!!" at the top of his lungs and gives me the biggest hugs. he likes to whisper, "i tell you a secret!" then, "i love you to da mooooon!" 

i am so grateful for the little boy i never imagined having.
we love you- happy birthday, juju!

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