9/11 pentagon memorial, georgetown's questionable cupcakes, and a renwick fail...

the 9/11 memorial at the pentagon has been high on my "must see" list for a while now- we have been to the memorial at the world trade center a handful of times, and last summer we saw the memorial in shanksville, pa, so this visit capped off our stops. the pentagon memorial was incredible. the design of the memorial itself was so humbling and thought-provoking. the design is beautiful (you can read more here).
 each bench above represents one of the 184 people who died here on 9/11. those who died in the plane point toward the building, those who died in the pentagon face out toward the flight path. the name of the victim is on the bench itself, and there is a small lit pool beneath each bench. family members who died together are also noted together beneath the bench. even the gravel around the benches is symbolic.
 it's hard to tell, but my favorite aspect is that the benches are lined up in birth order- you can see the youngest birth years on the right, and then a big gap until the next age. those who died the same year are in the same row. where the building pops out (above) is where the plane crashed into the pentagon, so this is literally the view of the flight path.

it's hard to convey the impact 9/11 had- it seems like it was so long ago, but i remember that day so clearly! i know our kids will likely not remember these days and the places we've visited, but i hope they learn from the little discussions we have about the places and the people that changed history, and how important it is to be kind and loving to those around us.
 next, georgetown! i used to enjoy georgetown a lot more than i do now- i mean, it's BEAUTIFUL and there are some great shops, but the driving/parking/crowd situation is something else. alas! we were on a baked & wired hunt. (along with a lot of other people... oh, the lines!)

also, our kids dress themselves, so....... yes.
 we waited in line for a while, then finally made it inside where we picked our cupcakes. good thing elle's reading is only mediocre and she's still doing a lot of guess work. we didn't correct her in her thinking the cupcake she picked was called "unicorn rainbow" rather than "uniporn rainhoe." :-/
report card for baked & wired cupcakes:
 a- for unique cupcake wrapping- clever, yet messy
a- for size-to-cost ratio
c for icing-to-cupcake ratio- i need.more.icing!
a+ for ganache awesomeness- good ganache is to be appreciated with a heavy hand
b for overall score
also, a hearty a for exposure to unique crowds, a lack of bras, and a lay-it-on-think approach to drug references in baked goods! not that those are all a's but, hey, it gets the diversity award for the day.
 aaaaand lastly! we made our way to the renwick, which i've been dying to visit for months! unfortunately, we turned the corner and the line... THE LINE!!!!! not only was there a line, but it spanned the entirety of the block, all the way to the white house, 5 people deep.    no.way. noway!!!! i had no idea. *heartbreak.* so we left and consoled ourselves with &pizza. which is the official pizza of the petersen family. the maverick! it's amazing! two gold stars and a big high five! and a cheer! bonbon! it was a good day of food. i'm handing out invisible awards like candy.
and so our saturday went. peace out, leap year february. see you in four!

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