it happens every january- it's like hitting a wall. BAM. blaaahhhh, january. it's such a dreary month! it's been in the single digits- a far cry from the 72 on christmas day, that's for sure.

a year ago mike & i were on a little couples escape in freezing nyc- i thought about it all weekend, and if it was any warmer i swear we would've gone, but it's too cold. HEY! speaking of dates! mike and i have gone on TWO REAL DATES this month- two! we went down to u street- one of our favorite spots we've found. it's lively and young and there are more hipsters to admire than in any other part of dc. also, there are a million restaurants and painted walls, and some great shops, too;)
also, it's worth going to room & board just to stare at their floor. i must have this floor in my home someday. heart eyes all day long!
 we've cooked less & less, and have become bff's with the subway manager in our building who always gives the kids a free cookie when we go in to share a foot long turkey sub for dinner on lazy nights. (we're most definitely outgrowing that 1 sandwich, which is a sad reality.) the rest of the time its eggs, fruit bowls, cereal, or oatmeal for dinner.   only the fanciest of feasts.
this picture kills me. we went to annapolis the other night and elle carried my clutch with her furry coat. jude sported his pjs and batman costume (we forced him to leave his hulk mask in the car); also, mike looks like his legs are breaking in the background. the whole thing is just hilarious.
last weekend mike & i got a sitter and went back to u street for lunch. we were going to go to ben's chili bowl until we realized we left our cash in the car :( oh well! we forced ourselves to go to &pizza instead- man, that place is SO good. don't tell mike but it may be my favorite pizza in the city now, too. it's consistently amazing.
and that's basically it. a maverick followed by starbucks hot chocolate to cut the spiciness (i never turn down a hot chocolate with skim & whipped cream. i've cut all sugar the last month with the exception of those little puppies). 

also, i can count on one hand how many times in my life people have misspelled "amanda..." all of which have been at starbucks;)

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  1. Elle has been way more stylish in her 6 little years than I ever have been in all 30-something of mine!


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