hi, you must be jonas!

 i shudder to think of what would happen in dc if something we didn't know was coming, came. jonas came this weekend. we knew he was coming. there was terror spreading like wildfire. stores were out of food. work and school has been cancelled. it's chaos. panic. over exaggeration like nothing i've ever seen (and i'm a thoroughly over-exaggerating-type person!). people were/are literally going BANANAS! i've never seen or heard anything like it. a "pre-storm" hit 24 hours before jonas, and that 1" of snow caused 800 wrecks in virginia alone. a coworker of mine spent 5 hours driving home from work. one exit had 66 abandoned cars. people were walking on the freeways. it's literally insane.  they've lost their flipping minds.

so then, jonas.

jonas blew in friday afternoon. friday was a snow day, so we prepped and grabbed one last hot chocolate before starbucks closed indefinitely. then we waited. mike made sleds out of the neighbors' garbage- boxes, salt bags, and (our) old socks. very creative, that guy!

then came the flurries. it's been flurrying nonstop for over 24 hours, but they're just flurries. there's still visibility. the snow is adding up. thus far (afternoon saturday) it's up to about 30". i imagine we'll get out of our apartment mid-week. ACTUALLY, we're supposed to catch a flight tuesday morning, and i'm genuinely concerned we won't make it, but that's another story. no church. no work monday. no anything. so we left this afternoon to try and sled...
first, mike carried elle across the "street." that was amusing.

THE WIND! oh, jonas, you are trouble! what's that cool british word? ... CHEEKY! jonas is a cheeky fellow.
we spent an hour prepping- layering because we own no boots or snow gear. so layers is the second best option.

then we headed out. and, well, it's always fun for the first 3-ish minutes.

 ...then very soon thereafter you remember, oh yah! snow is cold.
and those layers are wet.
and the snow is jude-deep, and really just powder, so the sled won't go down because it's super fresh. it could also be because it was made of cardboard, but we saw others who couldn't get down the hill either, so, yah.
 then we tried to make it to a bridge to hide, but then then we realized the wind was just stronger under there, so we let our snot just fall and we told our frozen limbs they are FINE! and we trudged home...
the hall outside our door looks like a scene of snowshed. (like bloodshed, only less violent.)

we're approximately 1/3 of the way through the hunkering down portion of our weekend and we ran out of cocoa. so soup it is! i'm making soup. and we're hoping that the scariest part- the digging out- starts happening soon. 

peace, jonas.

additional updates are forthcoming...

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  1. I just read this out loud to Elizabeth. You are HILARIOUS! Oh Amanda, you have a way with words. Good job Mike on the sleds! Those looked seriously impressive!


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