christmas on 34th street...

the sunday after christmas we wrapped up the season by going to 34th street in baltimore- it was insane. like nothing i've EVER seen! the weather was warm again (70), so how could we go wrong? (we'll keep our traditional sunday walks going as long as we possibly can.) (also, it's 22 right now. sooo... not 70. that sucks.)

we got there early and walked around the neighborhood a bit before all the lights turned on...
i'd also like to throw this out there- there isn't much i can do better than mike, but i am one talented parallel parker. minus the one time i crushed mike's knees because the dumdum thought he would stand behind our car, in front of the car behind us? that's just silly. and not my fault. but back to the task at hand: it's one of my only talents. so there we go. this was done on the first try. ^^ thumbs up.
this was jude being a robot- i have no idea where it came from, but he requests to be winded up, then marches around like a boss. 

also we found this super bizarre store where we saw through the window real body parts and a doll eating an octopus...??...
and then the lights turned on!
i was literally speechless. pictures do NO JUSTICE! the neighborhood is on their 69th year, and let's just say they've figured a thing or two out over the years. just watch/read this. it helps.

there wasn't an inch of some of these houses not plastered in lights, trains, song, dance, doll, you name it. amazing!
it was a perfect close to a season of joy and love and time together. 

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