christmas dinner at founding farmers...

after days of holiday gatherings, the last thing i wanted to do was make a feast- clearly the most logical thing to do was to make reservations on christmas day! best. idea. ever. although jude's expression would lead you to believe otherwise, he liked it, too. 

jude was nap-less (of course, he crashed 10 minutes from founding farmers [which i want to call farmersonly.com- do you know that obnoxious jingle? haven't heard it since i left utah, but i can't seem to get it out of my head...]).
while jude napped in the car, elle and i wandered around the deserted dc streets. the restaurant was hoppin, but everything else was eerily quiet...
deviled eggs, chicken pot pie, and chicken & waffles (w/ mac & cheese and red mashed potatoes) were on tap. and they were all so yummy! i about passed out from the heaviness and cream overload... but it sure was nice to leave a big tip, hearty "merry christmas! thank you for working so i don't have to do dishes!" and then walk away!
also: jude's hulk face. ^^ i BURST out laughing whenever i see this picture.
^^ mike couldn't get over this building across the street! 
"sorry you can't tear down that building." 
"ok, we'll just go around it."
and just like that it was 5pm on christmas day. there we were with frizzy hair, 72 degrees, and full bellies.

'twas a merry christmas, indeed!

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