the u.s. botanic garden, capitol, and 70 degrees at christmastime...

i vividly remember writing this post. it was probably an entire years worth of, well, everything squished as neatly as possible into words. it's as close as i have come to a journal since i stopped writing in my journal back in college (i'm still debating whether or not to burn those journals. the information in there should never be read by any other human soul. the data is both incriminating and also equally embarrassing- definitely not posterity-worthy). 

in that post i talked about this song- i remember hearing it a million times and hating it because it was always playing, but then one day early this year i listened to the words and it made me stop dead in my tracks. 

the last year has been exponentially better than the year prior, but it's been a year of being stretched and pulled and poked and pushed. it's been a workout. it's definitely not yoga, not necessarily spin... much more of a run. a long ruuuuuunnnnn. i've been running for years now, and 4 miles still about kills me in case you were wondering. it's hard stuff. it's not getting much easier, but at least i still do it, right?
the point of all this is that i was looking through the pictures from saturday and that song came to mind again. 

we have come    s  o       f  a  r     the past year.  we have tried so hard to fill our year with as much time together as humanly possible. to explore and learn and play. i've said it before and i'll say it again, but i want to punch people that say, "too bad your kids are too young to remember all this..." these experience are shaping our kids- it's not about them remembering that one saturday in the grass, it's about that saturday shaping them (and us) into better people. kinder, more understanding, more open-minded, more  sympathetic, more passionate people. we are here for our family- because we felt like we needed to leave and focus on us to help and heal our little unit. i know we'll look back at the end of our lives and cherish these days in dc as some of the very best.

that being said, it is hard. it's hard often. we know the phase we're in is only temporary, and that's both a blessing and a curse. i've never been blessed with patience or long-suffering or flexibility. i'm a planner. and a stresser. but as i looked at these pictures i remembered that, like most everything, hindsight is always 20/20, and the memories will also be a bit merrier and warmer and more magical than you ever knew in that moment...
there we were on the lawn of the capitol just playing. and snacking. the kids were attacking mike like they do, and i was nearly in tears from joy, stunned, shocked, and in awe that it was literally 70 degrees on 12/12. HELLO!?

i constantly fight my instinct to freak out (i usually give in). i'm trying to remain calm, and not rock the boat. to enjoy and breathe, and take in all that life has to offer right now... to just live.
so back to the day- we explored the u.s. botanic garden, outside and in...
this place was beautiful!!!!

a++ plus a high five and three cheers.
and the train!! (i miss the train around our christmas tree.)
and more trains!!!
i love tourists.
(not that we look any better;) 

that lawn was something else. if you ever find yourself roaming dc on a warm day in december, come here. the tree is beautiful, it's not too busy, and the view is amazing! 
we wrapped up the afternoon with sore feet, and got ready for a busy evening of surprises. but i've literally overwhelmed myself with the sheer number of pictures thus-far, so i'll save that for another post;)

long live sunshine and warm weather in december! please, stay a while!? (one can hope.)


  1. I love reading your posts. Paul and I have been wanting to visit DC together and you make a good case for showing how DC can be kid-friendly. Also, thank you for your openness. It's refreshing. Life is hard and messy and we all pretend like it isn't. The last couple of years have been challenging for us as well and turned life upside down. Kudos to you for doing what you need to for your family.

    1. ahhhh, we need to catch up! sorry it's been a rough go for you as well! we miss you guys!

  2. I vote that you never stop blogging. Or traveling. Or photographing. Sometimes there will be something you write down that sticks in my mind and I feel like it was just for me, and I am sure I am not the only one that feels like that. ;)

    1. Thanks! And, amen, Aubrey! I love reading your blog. Keep up the amazing photo-taking and writing!! We'll keep it blogging for those who aren't;)


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