roadtrip to gettysburg...

 gettysburg is only 90-minutes from dc! 90 minutes! it can take us 90 minutes to go 10 miles, so getting to gettysburg was cake! (bonus: we hit no traffic the day after christmas!) we did a little google cram session en route to teach elle a bit about the civil war, and talk to her about what we might see while we were exploring.

first up, the visitors center! it was quite impressive. we got free fudge and the kids picked out souvenirs with some of their christmas money. they had a museum, movie, and tours available, but we decided to just explore the sights ourselves at our own pace. 

first, a hello to mr. lincoln!
also, mike decided to shave a mustache for the day as a throwback to the 1800's? i have no idea. (#rationalization)
 it was so fascinating to see so much land and so many markers! 1400 monuments, signs, and markers dot the landscape and tell stories about what happened where, and how many people lost their lives (over 51,000 died), and also the numbers of those injured across those miles of land. it was much more spread out than i imagined. and the fences! there are so many fences! i'm not sure why that struck me, but it was so fascinating to see fences zigzagging the rolling hills. 

 we spent some time at the cemetery where president lincoln gave his famous "four score and seven years ago" speech... very awesome. i'm always in awe when we visit cemeteries, particularly ones with such significance like this one!
it was a treat, gettysburg!

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