christmas week around these parts...

the weather in december was straight up bananas- i've never seen anything like it. 40 one day, then 75 the next. plus rain. SO MUCH RAIN! the week before christmas i worked from home quite a bit, and we're now wrapping up on our second full week all together. it's been a balance of sheer joy and family time, mixed with wanting to strangle each other. 
mike took care of the christmas wrapping, and chose justin bieber wrapping paper. he's quite the wrapper (mike, not justin).

we also took the kids out to "jump in muddy puddles" because, really, we had to go to target, so we walked to the mini target down the street, and the kids hit every knee-deep puddle on the way home. (i spent the next hour doing all the muddy laundry.)
mike also found a super sketchy photo in a puddle?
i went downtown a few days before christmas to get my hair cut- it's literally been a year since i got my hair cut by someone other than myself or mike, and it was bad. 

that morning was kind of great. it was gloomy and overcast- drizzly, but warm. there were a whole bunch of cool moments- first, i got on a new train! i have never seen anything close to a new train, so that was pretty sweet. i also saw my favorite pizza place right off the metro stop (which i got on the way home), i grabbed a hot chocolate at starbucks (i've become an addict thanks to all the coffee runs i make with my coworkers), and meandered around until it was time for my appointment. 

as soon as i got out i decided mike should get a legit barber cut since the shop was awesome, and since he's been wanting a real cut (not by me) for ages. plus, i never got him a christmas present. so it was perfect. we swapped kids, and he took the train back downtown.... 
he got his cut by the barber of the nationals, and it looks AWESOME. seriously, so cool.

christmas adam we went to friends for a christmas party with the kids- filled with treats and games like reverse charades (hilarious); then christmas eve we had a legit english dinner (vegetarian = tofurkey!) with friends. mike had a delightful time raiding the english aisles in the grocery store, and we all laughed our way through dinner before heading to see the lights at the dc temple...
then it was time to get ready for santa!
christmas morning started around 6am- elle standing back to let jude relish in his long-anticipated "HULK GLOVES AND MASK!" glory, although he reminded us he specifically requested a hulk costume from santa as well. we reminded him he was very naughty the days prior and should be glad santa came at all.   two.    it's a rough age. oh! santa also was wise enough to bring a punching bag. which had a hole in it, so it's no longer with us. it rocked for a week though.
santa brought elle a robe and aqua beads, as well as some play doh, which entertained the kids all morning.
the longest-standing tradition in my family is fruit baskets made in grapefruit bowls- being away this year, it was my turn to get them ready late on christmas eve night. i also made some apple muffins which i mostly ate all by myself (in 2015 i discovered i really wasn't allergic to apples like i thought the past 10 years!). 

also, it was 76 in our house by 8am, so we turned on the a/c. which is crazy.
we took some warm muffins downstairs to the concierge and cleaners who were unfortunate enough to be working at 7:30 on christmas morning. how unfortunate! then it was time for more playing  until afternoon (and yes, that would be dawson's creek on in the background)...

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