thanksgiving 2015...

our favorite thing about our salt lake house was that we could entertain and host- we loved the holidays and celebrating at our home. that being said, we don't know how many times in life we'll have the chance to play just us four, so we were kind of excited to spend this thanksgiving as a little family. we took our 5ish days off together, and did just that! we let the kids govern our days, and did our best to make it what they wanted. 

instead of getting a real tree like i desperately wanted, we found a $13 tree at target and on thanksgiving eve-eve we set up the tree (the kids were begging); even though we said we were waiting until thanksgiving to decorate the tree, the kids put their own spin on it by throwing in school art, slippers, toys, and kitchen utensils while we waited;) thanksgiving morning we surprised them with a few $1 craft packets, and we all went to down right there on the floor. 

everything is so much more exciting with little people, like revealing our decorating surprises- the anticipation!!!...
we sat on the floor for over an hour and decorated foam gingerbread men, hung mini glitter balls, and made our own garland. 
it is hideous and amazing all at once. 
no pinterest in sight. no parental control. just kids. decorating and redecorating 20 times in a single day...
mike has a love for bean dip that is extreme (to put it mildly), so i made bean dip for brunch (after i ran about a million miles in preparation for the day). we ate too many fritos. then felt sick for hours. darn you, bean dip! we puttered around the next few hours making our big thanksgiving meal. we eventually got dressed, let the kids decorate and set the table, and sat down to start our meal. 
mike had grand ideas for a blessing on the food- something about holding hands and going around the table saying what we're grateful for- but before we sat down, elle started praying, then jude started screaming a prayer over elle's prayer. he ran away, angry that he wasn't praying solo, and for the remainder of elle's prayer just screamed "BOOOBIEEEEESS!!!" because that's the default word he says in any and all circumstances 2,000 times a day. so we laughed. and ate. 
cheers to that.
this picture basically sums up the day: elle being cute with her red lipstick (she chose, obvs); mike pouring his 8th glass of dr. pepper; and jude screaming at elle for the 3,000th time that day (the only thing he does more than scream "boobies!" is scream at elle. ahhhh, the love.
^ more sibling love.
after lunch we realized it was insane outside- 64 and sunny with the most gentle breeze. WHAT!? we had this idea to wash the car because, well, why not, so we drove past all the closed shops to the car wash which was PACKED! as in line down the street, people filling every spare inch of that weird place... so we left. and went to the "lake park" to walk around. 
we just kept repeating- how is it this nice outside? what is happening right now!? 

it was perfect. all of it.
we were going to make dessert, but spared ourselves the calories and work, and instead picked on leftovers for dinner and lounged in our sweats. 

we pondered how the windows had all been open the entire day and the house remained at a constant 70 degrees. mike decided that heaven is going to be just like that- where the air is "invisible-" you don't even notice it, it's so ideal. 

the kids went to bed and i took care of 99% of all our christmas shopping online, and then mike and i chatted and chatted about this weird but amazing stage of life we're in (i am constantly trying not to freak out about our future), right on through until the middle of the night...

happy thanksgiving!!


  1. Two thoughts:
    1- Totally jealous of you being (basically) done Christmas shopping. I've been surfing cyber monday deals all day and still can't figure out what to get my kids. I'm stressed. This is not what Christmas is about.
    2- What is that deliciousness next to the twice baked potatoes? Twice baked sweet potatoes? Yams? Are they the same thing? Help a girl out here. They look delicious. Mostly because moe made yams/sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving and they weren't half bad.

    1. 1- we have it way easy. my kids are little and want everything they see under the sun- so basically, we got a few things off amazon and i called it good;) the have opinions but get so distracted so easily... i imagine this getting exponentially harder as they get older. bleh.
      2- yes! twice baked sweet potatoes! i love sweet potatoes but was too lazy to make them two separate ways so i just improvised. i baked them all at the same time, then instead of making mashed potatoes like the regular potatoes i just mashed up the sweet potatoes with a little bit of butter, and threw on some marshmallows instead of cheese and called it good they were yummy!!
      3- we really did miss you guys on thanksgiving. hope you had a barrel of fun:)


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