st. michaels, maryland...

 darn the blasted fall season and its bouts of sickness! i know, i was just saying how much i love fall. i still do, but after 3 straight weeks of sickness, i'm over the sickness that is fall. i will say it could be way worse, but a few days ago elle had drainage coming out her eyes and nose that had my stomach turning. and i'm not one who becomes faint easily. unless faced with vomit. or drainage coming from places it shouldn't from a 6-year-old, particularly in those colors. AAAAANYWAY, by saturday we were ready for fresh air. so we took our roll of toilet paper (we're too cheap for kleenex), and headed past annapolis, over the bridge we eyed from "our" beach, along the chesapeake, down to st. michaels... 
st. michaels! i imagine it is packed in the summertime, but this saturday it was peaceful and lovely. there was free parking, and to boot, the main street was so charming. like.... SO charming. a mix between annapolis and that town from "what lies beneath" (you know, the one where the necklace is from!? man, i love that movie...); st. michaels it's incredibly quaint and new-england-ish. the median age was about 65. jude had to go to the bathroom so we popped into this little grocery store and a very kind man literally ran us to the bathroom in the back. the people were so nice. we notice nice people. there aren't quite as many of them in our neck of the woods- which is super weird and sad- but oddly true. so this was a great little escape;)
hold the phone. i feel like i will have a yellow home someday. i love yellow houses more and more with each one i see. (i know, this is a shop. but still.)
we walked by the maritime museum, 
then jude gave us directions: "jude's home! dat way!! RIGHT DERE!"
mini shops! they're so cute and small! the ratio of christmas shops to normal shops was 1:1, so basically, perfect in my book. we went in a bunch and broke nothing, so, yes, GO US!

oh wait. mike did knock down and entire shelf of toys though. right as i said, "jude! don't touch! you'll break something..." CRASH. totally mike.
we walked out of this toy store with a collapsable sword (what is the deal with boys and weapons? i hate weapons. jude is attracted to them like me to chocolate. it's in his blood.); elle ended up with a coloring book because anything art-related is sooooo her jam.

and then we walked by this stoop and i caught the instant when jude was SURE these were real cats. cutest moment ever. no, really. it was epic:)
mike and i discovered something that makes these historic homes just so perfectly perfect: the shutters are FUNCTIONAL!    heart.eyes.
it looks like we bought this house or something. we're super good at standing right in front of what we're wanting to take a picture of- in this case, blocking a sweet house behind us, and instead showing off a for sale sign;)

we walked up and down some crooked, brick-lined streets and rustled our feet through the remaining dry leaves. mike looked for crabs and fish at the waterfront (which we had to ourselves), then we headed home. stopping at cracker barrel, because my kids spot them a mile away (there aren't many near us)- they think it's disneyland or something. they screeeeeeam!!! and cheer! and beg! so we shared some pancakes and biscuits and drove home in the dark, calling this saturday a total success. snot and all.

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  1. Sign me up to live there! How beautiful! Open a little sandwich/ice cream/chocolate shop...bam! Retirement, here we come! hahahaha


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