national postal museum...

 the national postal museum wasn't technically at the top of our "must see" list- it's sort of random, and not incredibly convenient in proximity to the other museums closer to the mall (it's just across from union station- we passed it this day & didn't even notice!). that being said, i'm such a fan! we went one day after work and it was empty. we literally had the place to ourselves. it was nice, updated, interesting, quiet, and they had tons of super fun and interactive exhibits for the kids!
 ...and this main hall. hello!
 jude was a fan of pulling these in and out of the walls, but an even bigger fan of the semi you could play in... mike was, too;)
 i'm not kidding, i could have played here all day! ^^ scanners! you could scan packages! there were also bins where the kids threw in packages like arcade basketball- they could have stayed there all day as well. 

my favorite part of the whole place was this "postsecret" exhibit (you can read more about it here)- people anonymously sent decorated postcards with some juicy, sad, shocking, embarrassing, and downright hilarious secrets. it was worth going just to see this exhibit- SO COOL! i didn't get to spend tons of time reading because, well, there was a semi truck and the kids weren't about reading postcards, but the ones i did read were crazy!!
another gold star this (free, remember) museum gets is for the loot you get to take home- the kids got postcards, stamps, and more that they took away as little souvineers. i can only imagine how much more of a joy this place would be when it's 97 and sunny outside and all the other museums are jam packed with tourists;)  way to go, smithsonian!

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