merry christmas from the petersens! (2015)

it's the most magical time of the year! yes, yes, i know it's not quite thanksgiving, but the christmas candle is already burning and "rockin' holiday" has been playing on my iTunes radio for weeks. i do really like thanksgiving, but if anything the joy of christmas gets me more in the spirit of gratitude- i say nothing is lost. thanksgiving is just extra magical when the excitement of christmas starts a bit early;) we brought zero decorations with us when we moved, so we're getting creative this year, and it's making me extra excited to keep the focus on the joy of the season. 

i've had my mind scrambling about christmas cards for a month now, and i knew i wanted to get them out early since we apparently moved to mars (it takes a solid week for mail to cross the country). i had my eyes searching for the perfect cards, and thanks to tiny prints, all my dreams came true! i usually make our cards, but i just didn't have the time or energy this year. also, since we have no official family pictures (you know, no perfect "front of the card" photo), just a few thousand images from our adventures thus-far in 2015, i also knew i wanted to do a collection of images to show what we've been up to in 2015. there is one thing everyone who knows me knows: there is never a shortage of pictures. ever. 
jude went down for his nap last saturday, and my little partner in crime and i pow-wowed with our music, spreadsheet, cards, envelopes, liners, address stamp, custom postage stamps (!!!), and nimble fingers... and went to work! she's the best assistant. 
elle is the master stuffer extraordinaire. she lined every envelope, stuffed every card, and even threw in a few drawings for her little friends. it was so much fun!

i am super impressed with the quality of the cards, and the ability to customize (aka: add more pictures of ourselves than anyone really wants to see) not only the cards themselves, but the envelopes and more (stamps!!! have i said stamps!?!). christmas cards are so much more fun with photos, don't you think? i think. i was like a flipping kid in a candy store. i had to restrain myself. i could have easily gone wild(...er).
and now, we have officially kicked off our holiday season right!!

merry christmas from the petersens!!

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  1. I was looking at Tiny Prints website the other day. SO ADORABLE!!! I better be getting one. ;)


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